Different people have different needs. Through our programs You will learn about the myriad of personality styles and gain cultural intelligence to lead effectively. 

Psychological Safety

Employees want to feel safe to be their authentic selves and contribute to their own success. Create teams built on trust, autonomy and accountability.

High Performance & Innovation

High performing innovative teams are a direct result of the effort leaders put in to create the right working environment.We will help you get there. 


The Great Resignation has begun

Adapt or be left behind

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Executive LeadersNon Profit OrganizationsHigher EducationBusiness OrganizationsGovernment AgenciesNew Leaders  

Employees are demanding change.

Let us help you create engaged, high performing workplaces for this new era. 


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Schedule a culture assessment

We use a mix of strategic source documents along with facilitated listening sessions to assess the organizational culture. 


Review recommendations

The culture assessment report will detail the findings of the culture assessment. This is where we will provide any root cause issues that are causing a gap between your stated organizational values and actual lived values. 


Co-create a plan of action

You are the expert of your organization and we are the experts of culture change. Together we will co-create a path forward. 


Culture is everyone’s job

Everyone from the front line workers up to the c-suite are responsible for a healthy work culture. Our methods ensure everyone is involved in the change they want to see. 


Become THAT organization

Congratulations you are now in the maintenance phase of being THAT organization. Together we have identified your in house change agents to maintain healthy working systems. 

You are THAT leader! Let us show you…

Next Level Leadership starts here.


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Join a Leadership Circle

Leadership Circles are the people you will be growing and learning with. This is your community of practice that models support and accountability.


Become THAT Leader

Congratulations you have now built resilience to accept feedback, lean into discomfort, have difficult conversations and create high performing diverse teams that thrive. 


Since 2017, we’ve been facilitating training and development for enterprises of all sizes. Our mission is to provide A+ service to our clients. We facilitate co-creating workplaces where everyone regardless of identity can belong, feel safe, have the necessary tools, support and opportunity to thrive.We believe that when adult learning is people centered, connected and informed by those doing the work, it maximizes the organization’s impact on their industry – and society as a whole.

Kristina Smith

President & Chief Culture Officer

Jamie Moyer

Director of Operations & Strategic Design

Hermence Matsotsa

Lead Culture Facilitator &       Global Strategist

Joyce Rutledge

Emotional Intelligence &  Training Lead

Deb Enloe

Navigation  & Change Strategist

Mary Balistreri

Conversational Intelligence & Mindful Business Leadership

Nathan Bird

Educational Strategist &      Spanish Translation

Stephen Glaude

Government & Non Profit Leadership Strategist

Lee Shull

Leadership & Change Strategist

Dr. Margot Hovey

Assessment Strategist

Larita Blake


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